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A TIME'S MEMORY - Flu, Bugs & Other Accidents Blog - Year: XIII - Here, Reader, you will find many items if your interests are in the field of emerging threats to global or public health, with a perspective that is not mainstream. Thank to You for the interest!


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The materials published into this blog: summaries, extracts, excerpts from mainstream media sources, abstracts from scientific literature are included for the only purpose to track pertinent informations about health emergencies, mass casulaties events, and other accidents of public concerns.

For every material is provided a link toward the full original text, article, paper etc.
Situation Updates are generally published by national and international agencies such as OIE, World Health Organization, US CDC etc.

For mainstream media sources, only first paragraph of an articles, text is presented.
When the circumstance will require, the author/editor/publisher can send me a request for delete/modify the material if a copyright infringment is devised.

I hope that the major interest of public health emergencies publicity will protect some of this blog materials.

In any case, I am open to every kind of editing an author/editor/publisher will require in future.

G.M. (Ironorehopper) 


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