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11 Jun 2018

#Influenza A of #animal origin [#H7N9, #H5N6, #H5N1]–#Summary and #assessment, 3 March to 28 May 2018 (@WHO, edited)



#Influenza A of #animal origin [#H7N9,  #H5N6, #H5N1]–#Summary and #assessment, 3 March to 28 May 2018.


Influenza A of Animal Origin (Avian, Swine), H5, H7, H9, H1 & H3 subtypes, global epidemiological update.


World Health Organization (WHO), full PDF file: (LINK).


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Keywords: WHO; Updates; Avian Influenza; Swine Influenza; H5N1; H5N6; H7N9; Human; Worldwide.


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