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16 May 2018

One New Confirmed #MERS #Coronavirus case reported by #Saudi Arabia (MoH, May 13-15 '18)



One New Confirmed MERS Coronavirus case reported by Saudi Arabia (MoH, May 13-15 '18).


Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in Saudi Arabia, daily update.


Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health, full page: (May 13, LINK), (May 14, LINK), (May 15, LINK).


[     ]


MOH: 'One New Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Recorded'


May 13 - 15 2018

New Case Reported:

[Sex, Age, Citizenship, Resident in, Health Status, Note]

  1. Female, 48, Saudi, Tabuk, Stable; *


{*} Primary case (exposure history under investigation).


Cumulative number of confirmed cases and deaths since 2012:

  • Total No. of Cases: 1839 {§}
  • Total No. of Deaths: 745
  • Patients currently under treatment: 2
  • Case-Fatality Rate: 40.5%

{§} This figure and those below might not be representing actual ones because of inconsistencies in daily reports.



Keywords: MERS-CoV; Updates; Saudi Arabia.


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