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5 May 2018

#Influenza #Milestones 1917 – 2009 #Timeline (@CDCgov, edited)



#Influenza #Milestones 1917 – 2009 #Timeline.


Historical review of influenza events and research achievements.


US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), full page: (LINK).


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Influenza Milestones 1917 – 2009 Timeline





Influenza Milestones (Text Version)

  • 1917 – 2009
    • 1917
      • [Illustration of a male and female with the number 54 under the female icon and 48 under the male icon]
      • United States enters World War I. U.S. life expectancy is 54 years of age for women and 48 years of age for men.
    • 1918
      • [Illustration of a male and female and an arrow pointing down, with the number 42 under the female icon and 36 under the male icon]
      • Spring and fall waves of influenza (”flu”) activity cause the average life expectancy in the United States to fall by 12 years.
    • 1919
      • [Illustration of a globe and arrows circling the globe]
      • Third wave of pandemic flu activity occurs. Pandemic subsides, but virus (H1N1) continues to circulate seasonally for 38 years.
    • 1930
      • [Illustration of a test tube]
      • First isolation of influenza, proving that flu is caused by a virus not a bacterium.
    • 1957
      • [Illustration of an influenza virus]
      • H2N2 flu virus emerges to trigger a pandemic, replacing the 1918 H1N1 pandemic virus.
    • 1960
      • [Illustration of a flu vaccine syringe]
      • The U.S. Public Health Service recommends annual flu vaccination for people at high risk of serious flu complications.
    • 1968
      • [Illustration of an influenza virus]
      • H3N2 flu virus emerges to trigger a pandemic, replacing H2N2 virus.
    • 2005
      • [Illustration of a DNA strand]
      • Genome of the 1918 pandemic flu virus is fully sequenced.
    • 2009
      • [Illustration of three people in a circle with arrows points from person to person]
      • H1N1 viruses distantly related to the 1918 virus emerge to trigger a pandemic.


Keywords: US CDC; Educational materials; Pandemic Influenza; H1N1; H1N1pdm09; H2N2; H3N2; Spanish Flu.


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