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15 Sep 2017

#USA, No New #Human Cases of #Infection with Variant #Influenza Viruses during week 36/17 (@CDCgov, edited)

Title: No New Human Cases of Infection with Variant Influenza Viruses during week 36/17.

Subject: Influenza A of Swine Origin, H1 & H3 subtypes, human cases in the US, current situation.

Source: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), FluView, full page: (LINK). Edited.

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Novel Influenza A Virus


No additional human infections with novel influenza A viruses were reported to CDC during week 36.

To date, a total of 20 variant virus infections have been reported in the United States during 2017.

Eighteen of these were H3N2v viruses (Texas [1], North Dakota [1], Pennsylvania [1], and Ohio [15]) and two were H1N2v viruses (Ohio [2]).

Two of the 20 infected persons were hospitalized as a result of their illness.

No deaths have occurred.

All variant virus infections have been associated with swine exposure in fair settings and no human-to-human transmission has been identified.

Early identification and investigation of human infections with novel influenza A viruses are critical to ensure timely risk assessment and so that appropriate public health measures can be taken.

Additional information on influenza in swine, variant influenza infection in humans, and strategies to interact safely with swine can be found at



Keywords: US CDC; USA; Updates; Swine Influenza; H1N1v; H1N2v; H3N2v; Human.