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A Highly Pathogenic #Avian #H7N9 #Influenza Virus Isolated from A #Human Is Lethal in Some #Ferrets Infected via #Respiratory #Droplets (Cell Host Microbe, abstract)

Title : A Highly Pathogenic #Avian #H7N9 #Influenza Virus Isolated from A #Human Is Lethal in Some #Ferrets Infected via #Respiratory #Drop...

17 Jul 2017

#Influenza and other #Respiratory #Viruses #Research #References #Library– July 17 2017 Issue

Title: #Influenza and other #Respiratory #Viruses #Research #References #Library– July 17 2017 Issue.

Subject: Human and Animal Influenza Viruses, other respiratory pathogens research, weekly references library update.

Source: AMEDEO, homepage: (LINK).

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New References:


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  4. RODRIGUEZ L, Nogales A, Murcia PR, Parrish CR, et al.
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Keywords: Research; Abstracts; Influenza References Library.