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A Highly Pathogenic #Avian #H7N9 #Influenza Virus Isolated from A #Human Is Lethal in Some #Ferrets Infected via #Respiratory #Droplets (Cell Host Microbe, abstract)

Title : A Highly Pathogenic #Avian #H7N9 #Influenza Virus Isolated from A #Human Is Lethal in Some #Ferrets Infected via #Respiratory #Drop...

7 Jun 2017

#Yemen, #Cholera #outbreak of an unprecedented scale (via ReliefWeb, Jun 7 ‘17)

Title: #Yemen, #Cholera #outbreak of an unprecedented scale.

Subject: Cholera outbreak in Yemen, current situation.

Source: ReliefWeb, full PDF file: (LINK). Excerpt.

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Yemen, Cholera outbreak of an unprecedented scale


Over 96,200 suspected cases and 746 deaths recorded since 27 April Yemen is in the grip of a severe cholera epidemic of an unprecedented scale.

In the first three weeks since 27 April, suspected cases reached over 35,000 while in the previous epidemic just over 25,000 cases were recorded in the first seven months.

In the last four weeks, the number of deaths is three times higher than deaths reported from October 2016 to March 2017.

On 14 May, authorities in Sana’a, which has recorded the highest resurgence in cases, declared a state of emergency given the inability of the health system to cope with the magnitude of the crisis.

The rapid spread of the disease in 19 governorates is a manifestation of the dire humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen where more than half of all health facilities no longer function due to conflict.

Health and sanitation workers have not been paid for over eight months, only 30 per cent of required medical supplies are being imported into the country, garbage collection in the cities is irregular, and more than eight million people lack access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation.

The risk of the epidemic spreading further and affecting thousands more people is compounded by the rainy season, widespread food insecurity and malnutrition.

Malnourished children and women, people living with other chronic health conditions and households that do not have enough to eat are now at greater risk of death as they face the “triple threat” of conflict, famine and cholera, particularly in 95 most affected districts.

At the current rate of spread, the Health Cluster is forecasting that suspected cases are likely to exceed 127,000 in the coming seven months from June.



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