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#Update: Increase in #Human #Infections with #Avian #Influenza #H7N9 Viruses During the 5th #Epidemic — #China, Oct. ‘16–Aug. 7 ‘17 (@CDCgov, edited)

Title : #Update: Increase in #Human #Infections with #Avian #Influenza #H7N9 Viruses During the 5th #Epidemic — #China, Oct. ‘16–Aug. 7 ‘17....

28 Jun 2017

#China, #Beijing: A #pregnant woman infected with #H7N9 #influenza discharged after two months (Jun 28 ‘17)

Title: China, Beijing: A pregnant woman infected with H7N9 influenza discharged after two months.

Subject: Avian Influenza, H7N9 subtype, human case in Beijing, China.

Source: Local Media, full page: (LINK). Article in Chinese, edited.

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China, Beijing: A pregnant woman infected with H7N9 influenza discharged after two months


Two months ago, a pregnant woman caught the H7N9 avian influenza virus; she was rushed to Beijing Ditan Hospital. At that time she was pregnant for 5 months, was treated in a number of hospitals for diagnosis and treatment without significant improvement; then she was referred to the Ditan Hospital ICU. In the past two months, the Ditan Hospital multidisciplinary joint consultation, eventually, after 17 days ECMO (life support), 50 days of ventilator support, she faced major bleeding, secondary infection, childbirth, severe liver injury and other risks, finally – step by step – went out of danger. On June 19, the patient was discharged.

More than two months ago, 36-year-old Xiao Zhen (a pseudonym) has been pregnant for 5 months, once in the free market,  pigeons call her stop. A few days later, Xiaozhen began to have fever, cough, rushed to a number of hospital for treatment, the condition gradually worsened, she began to cough blood, and developed breathing difficulties. She was initially diagnosed with type A H7N9 flu, acute respiratory failure. Xiaozhen was urgently transferred to the Ditan Hospital ICU. Night doctor admissions is a deputy chief physician Pu Lin, she found Xiaozhen body cyanosis, shock, acute renal insufficiency, in the ventilator support under the oxygen saturation was 30% -40%. Medical staff for the small use of ECMO (life support) equipment, patients with improved heart rate, blood pressure gradually stable.

Subsequently, the Department of Infectious Diseases, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Respiratory Medicine, Radiology, Medical Service, Nursing Department, Institute of Health, Medical Engineering Department and Blood Transfusion Department are all for the protection of small Jane to provide protection.

Experience 17 days ECMO support, 50 days of ventilator support, the patient has broken through the bleeding, secondary infection off, childbirth off, severe liver injury off, each off can be called "ghost gate", and ultimately one by one out of danger The June 19 afternoon, Xiaozhen husband and mother holding flowers and pennants, thanks to the altar hospital health care workers.

According to reports, Ditan Hospital ICU since ECMO in 2009 to deal with acute respiratory failure, the technology gradually mature. 2017 completely rely on their own strength for the five critically ill H7N9 influenza ECMO treatment, three patients have been successfully out of ECMO.


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