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#Avian #Influenza #H7N9 in #China: Preventing the Next #SARS (@WHO, Apr. 2 ‘17)

  Title : #Avian #Influenza #H7N9 in #China: Preventing the Next #SARS. Subject : Avian Influenza, H7N9 subtype (Asian Lineage), poultry e...

16 Apr 2017

#China, #Gansu: live #poultry #markets environmental #samples tested positive for #H7N9 #influenza (Apr. 16 ‘17)


Title: China, Gansu: live poultry markets environmental samples tested positive for H7N9 influenza.

Subject: Avian Influenza, H7N9 subtype, poultry enzootic in China.

Source: Local Media, full page: (LINK). Article in Chinese, edited.

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Zhangye detected H7N9 influenza virus in environmental samples; no humans and animals cases so far


2017-04-16 03:22

Zhangye City, April 12 - City CDC in the routine environmental testing, in Ganzhou District Zhangye Oasis agricultural and sideline products integrated trading market Zhangju Qin, Shandan County, South Gate market Cao Lao four, Gaotai County H7N9 Influenza virus is detected in the live chicken stool, cages and waste water collected from three commercial stores.

City Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau received a briefing immediately after the organization of professional and technical personnel rushed to the scene of the three hot (sold) chicken shop live chickens, all collected blood samples were tested, the test results were all negative.

Zhangye City, health, animal husbandry and veterinary departments of the test results show that Ganzhou, Gaotai, Shandan three counties of the three hot (sold) chicken shop in the presence of H7N9 virus, but the current live chickens are not infected with H7N9 influenza virus.

According to the municipal health department informed, has not yet found human infection H7N9 influenza virus cases.

herefore, the current city of live poultry and its products are safe. (Zhangye City Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau)


Keywords: China; Gansu; H7N9; Avian Influenza; Poultry.