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#Update: Increase in #Human #Infections with #Avian #Influenza #H7N9 Viruses During the 5th #Epidemic — #China, Oct. ‘16–Aug. 7 ‘17 (@CDCgov, edited)

Title : #Update: Increase in #Human #Infections with #Avian #Influenza #H7N9 Viruses During the 5th #Epidemic — #China, Oct. ‘16–Aug. 7 ‘17....

9 Mar 2017

#Indonesia, West #Java: #Cirebon reported three suspected #human cases of #H5N1 #influenza, one fatal (Pikirat Rakyat, Mar. 9 ‘17)


Title: #Indonesia, West #Java: #Cirebon reported three suspected #human cases of #H5N1 #influenza, one fatal.

Subject: Avian Influenza, H5N1 subtype, family cluster of human cases in Java, Indonesia.

Source: Pikiran Rakyat, full page: (LINK). Article in Bahasan, edited.

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Three Bird Flu Suspected Cases reported, One Passed Away


By: Ani Nunung Aryani / March 8, 2011-9:37 pm  / WEST JAVA

Cirebon (PR)-as many as two residents of Cirebon district who allegedly suspect bird flu, is still undergoing treatment at the PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL's isolation room Gunungjati, city of Cirebon.

Meanwhile, one patient who was the father of one of the patients, who allegedly suspect bird flu, died Monday, March 6, 2017.

The outbreak of bird flu returned, causing the loss of hundreds of poultry in Cirebon district had to be destroyed. Two bird flu suspect patients ' initials AG (16 years old), Pangenan, and HS (64 years old) Greged, Cirebon District residents. The deceased DJ (57 years old) was the father of AG. Both were undergoing treatment at the PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL's isolation room Gunungjati since Sunday 5 March 2017.

"Both were declared suspect bird flu," said Director General of prevention and disease control of the Ministry of health, m. dawn, while visiting HOSPITALS Gunung Jati, Wednesday 8 March 2017.

Both were declared suspect bird flu after contact with poultry infected with avian flu positive. According to dawn, the finality of the outcome, still have to wait for the results of the laboratory. "Blood samples had already been sent to the laboratory, the results will be known in two or three days ahead," he said.

The condition of both the suspect bird flu patients, the current began to improve. Meanwhile, the head of the Department of agriculture Cirebon district, Ali Efendi, was a type of poultry ducks were positive of bird flu numbered 105 tail, and had been destroyed. These birds belong to the residents in the village of Pangenan, district and subdistrict/Cirebon.

Ali said, the duck tail 105 is part of a 500 tail ducks observed a resident at Pangenan. So there is still the rest of the ducks around 395 tail which is still alive and has not been destroyed.

Ali admitted the ducks tail, hundreds of which are currently still alive should also be destroyed. However, he expressed, for the destruction of that there has been no funding for the replacement of the owner. Ali also revealed a population of 3 million poultry in Cirebon district, while the Department has only 75 thousand vaccines for poultry. "So that more birds are not vaccinated," said Ali.

According to him, the officer was forced to only give the vaccine to poultry in coops. ***


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