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11 Mar 2017

#Indonesia, #Cirebon: a #family stricken by a suspected #H5N1 #birdflu #infections shunned by other residents (KBR, Mar. 11 ‘17)


Title: Indonesia, Cirebon: a family stricken by suspected bird flu infections shunned by other residents.

Subject: Avian Influenza, H5N1 subtype, suspected family’s cluster of cases in Cirebon, Indonesia.

Source: KBR, full page: (LINK). Article in Bahasan, edited.

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Indonesia, Cirebon: a family stricken by suspected bird flu infections shunned by other residents


KBR, Cirebon -family Joko in Pangenan, West Java, Cirebon Regency is shunned by neighbors around. Exclusion was caused by a member who died on Sunday (5/3/2017) of an allegedly bird flu virus infection.

Despite the week-long after He died, there is no certainty from the hospital about the cause of death, but his family is already feeling its effects.

One member of the family and also the son-in-law of Joko, Toni (38 years) said since his father-in-law died last week, the neighbors started to avoid his family. During the funeral at the cemetery there were only a few of citizens their knew to take the corpse to the cemetery. They were using a face mask.

"Now the people who pass by the front of my house all of which cover the nose. Almost no one organizing, tahlilan is also very little that comes along. Usually in my hometown if anyone died also reflects, but now they are afraid, "said Toni, in Cirebon, Friday (10/3/2017).

It is not known from where the news it shows up, but santer sounded Joko died of bird flu virus. But residents call there are pet chickens that died suddenly at Johnson last week.

Two days after their chickens died suddenly, He passes the duck and cage after it was reported he was suffering from shortness of breath. He was rushed to the hospital pretending to be happy Cirebon, before then referred to the PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL Gunung Jati.

He died on Sunday (5/3/2017) while being treated in isolation. After that, one of the sons of Joko, great (16 years old) also experienced shortness of breath and also being treated at the PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL's isolation room Gunung Jati.

There was not answer from the Cirebon Health Office or Gunung Jati HOSPITALS about the exact cause of death of Joko, there is validity and attack of bird flu in poultry pet victim.

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Keywords: Indonesia; Java; H5N1; Avian Influenza; Human.