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#Avian #Influenza #H7N9 in #China: Preventing the Next #SARS (@WHO, Apr. 2 ‘17)

  Title : #Avian #Influenza #H7N9 in #China: Preventing the Next #SARS. Subject : Avian Influenza, H7N9 subtype (Asian Lineage), poultry e...

21 Feb 2017

#Taiwan, imported #human case of H7N9 influenza virus resistant to #oseltamivir treated with favipiravir (Feb. 21 ‘17)


Title: Taiwan, imported human case of H7N9 influenza virus resistant to oseltamivir treated with favipiravir.

Subject: Avian Influenza, H7N9 subtype, human case in Taiwan.

Source: Local Media, full page: (LINK). Article in Chinese, edited.

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Taiwan, imported human case of H7N9 influenza virus resistant to oseltamivir treated with favipiravir


Taiwan first imported case of H7N9 flu this year, a Kaohsiung 69-year-old male, infected with a virus resistant to oseltamivir, and mainland China's latest variant of the virus gene sequence is almost the same.

The Deputy Director of the Department of Vaccination, Dr Lo Yuk-kwan, said that the man was in serious condition and that the Department had an emergency release of special antiviral drugs purchased from Japan. He was considered to be an antidote drug first time using.

CDC held an expert meeting yesterday to announce that the H7N9 influenza virus, which was isolated from the man, was almost identical to that of the two mainland China's newly announced mutants in Guangdong, and that the man was also infected from Guangdong.

Luo Yijun said that since February 3, the man admitted to the negative pressure isolation ward since the situation has always been serious, because the body of the H7N9 virus on the influenza, oseltamivir and other existing anti-influenza drug did not work because the virus developed resistance, the clinician assessment, the disease The department has issued an emergency release of "Favipiravir" oral tablets to him, which is the first use of this new anti-influenza and antiviral drugs in the country.

It is noteworthy that this "Favipiravir" new drug has a small amount of reserves in the country, the Department of Vaccine was originally in 2014, Ebola virus raging West Africa, only to Japan to buy this one is considered to be Yibo La antidote Of the new drug, did not expect the first use is used in the treatment of variants of H7N9 virus.

Luo Yijun said that the variant H7N9 virus is a new genotype that is highly pathogenic to poultry and can cause a large number of birds to die, but no mutations that enhance the ability to "transmit" or " There is no significant change, but if the Chinese mainland epidemic deteriorated, the public may still be infected, the Agency does not rule out the mainland China outbreak of birds out of control areas to improve travel warnings, to avoid unnecessary travel itinerary.


Keywords: Taiwan; Updates; Avian Influenza; H7N9; Human; Oseltamivir; Favipiravir.