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A Highly Pathogenic #Avian #H7N9 #Influenza Virus Isolated from A #Human Is Lethal in Some #Ferrets Infected via #Respiratory #Droplets (Cell Host Microbe, abstract)

Title : A Highly Pathogenic #Avian #H7N9 #Influenza Virus Isolated from A #Human Is Lethal in Some #Ferrets Infected via #Respiratory #Drop...

15 Jan 2017

#China, #Guizhou reported one new #human case of #H7N9 #influenza (Jan. 15 ‘17)


Title: China, Guizhou reported one new human case of H7N9 influenza.

Subject: Avian Influenza, H7N9 subtype, epidemic in China.

Source: Local Media, full page: (LINK). Article in Chinese, edited.

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A case of human infection with H7N9 avian influenza was diagnosed in Southeast Guizhou


2017-01-15 11:28

January 14, Guizhou Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture Government Information Office was informed that the southeast Guizhou health departments in the strengthening of monitoring detected 1 case of unexplained pneumonia cases, the detection of H7N9 avian influenza virus positive, the provincial disease control department confirmed Human infection H7N9 avian influenza cases, the patient in hospital treatment.

The case is a 79 years old, now living in Southeast Guizhou Kaili City. In January 11, 2017, the patient to … state people's hospital fever clinics, by the state CDC to do flu surveillance, found to be H7 positive cases, and the specimen sent to the provincial CDC review. January 14, the Provincial Center for Disease Control influenza laboratory samples submitted to the review confirmed H7N9 positive.

At present, the case is still actively in the treatment, all cases of close contact with medical observation, were not abnormal.



Keywords: China; Guizhou; H7N9; Avian Influenza; Human.