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#Avian #Influenza #H7N9 in #China: Preventing the Next #SARS (@WHO, Apr. 2 ‘17)

  Title : #Avian #Influenza #H7N9 in #China: Preventing the Next #SARS. Subject : Avian Influenza, H7N9 subtype (Asian Lineage), poultry e...

23 Jan 2017

#China, #Anhui: Two #Bozhou residents discharged from #hospital after recovery from #H7N9 #influenza (Jan. 23 ‘17)


Title: #China, #Anhui: Two #Bozhou residents discharged from #hospital after recovery from #H7N9 #influenza.

Subject: Avian Influenza, H7N9 subtype, human cases in Anhui Province of China.

Source: Local Media, full page: (LINK). Article in Chinese, edited.

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Two Bozhou residents discharged from hospital after recovery from H7N9 influenza


2017-01-2315:24 Source: Anhui Province Health and Family Planning Commission

On December 23, 2016 and January 3, 2017, Bozhou City People's Hospital admitted 2 cases of H7N9 bird flu confirmed patients.

The first case was a male, 42 years old, Qiaocheng town resident, engaged in poultry trade.

The second case was a female, 35 years old, Qiao District resident, engaged in pork sales work.

Both had fever, cough, chest tightness, asthma, with chills and other symptoms, the Bozhou City CDC H7N9 nucleic acid-positive, confirmed human infection H7N9 avian influenza cases.

The second case of serious illness, sent to Bozhou City People's Hospital once admitted to the ICU ward, the upper respiratory machine treatment. Bozhou Municipal People's Hospital by the close cooperation of many disciplines, to give symptomatic and antiviral therapy, two patients were successfully discharged.



Keywords: China; Anhui; H7N9; Avian Influenza; Human.