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Title : #Update: Increase in #Human #Infections with #Avian #Influenza #H7N9 Viruses During the 5th #Epidemic — #China, Oct. ‘16–Aug. 7 ‘17....

24 Jan 2017

Bovine spongiform encephalopathy [#BSE], #Ireland (#OIE, Jan. 24 ‘17)


Title: Bovine spongiform encephalopathy [#BSE], #Ireland.

Subject: Prions diseases, BSE in cattle, Ireland.

Source: OIE, full page: (LINK).

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Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, Ireland

Information received on 23/01/2017 from Dr Martin Blake, Chief Veterinary Officer, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Agriculture House, Dublin, Ireland

  • Summary
    • Report type Immediate notification
    • Date of start of the event 13/01/2017
    • Date of confirmation of the event 14/01/2017
    • Report date 23/01/2017
    • Date submitted to OIE 24/01/2017
    • Reason for notification Reoccurrence of a listed disease
    • Date of previous occurrence 25/06/2015
    • Manifestation of disease Clinical disease
    • Causal agent BSE prion
    • Nature of diagnosis Laboratory (advanced)
    • This event pertains to the whole country
  • New outbreaks
    • Summary of outbreaks
      • Total outbreaks: 1
        • Outbreak Location  - GALWAY ( Loughrea )
      • Total animals affected: Species – Susceptible – Cases – Deaths – Destroyed – Slaughtered
        • Cattle  - 3  - 1  - 0  - 3  - 0
      • Outbreak statistics: Species - Apparent morbidity rate - Apparent mortality rate - Apparent case fatality rate - Proportion susceptible animals lost*
        • Cattle - 33.33% - 0.00% - 0.00% - 100.00%
          • * Removed from the susceptible population through death, destruction and/or slaughter;
  • Epidemiology
    • Source of the outbreak(s) or origin of infection
      • Unknown or inconclusive
  • Epidemiological comments
    • On 14th January, the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) was advised of a positive result to a rapid screening test (Idexx HerdChek BSE/Scrapie Antigen Test Kit using the Ultra-Short protocol) carried out by an accredited private laboratory approved by the competent authority.
    • The suspect animal was sampled by DAFM staff at a knackery as part of the on-going official sampling of all fallen (died on farm) animals of 48 months and older.
    • The sample material and the brain were subsequently forwarded to the National Reference Laboratory (NRL) where samples from different brain areas were subject to confirmatory testing using an OIE-approved confirmatory Western blot method, a two-blot protocol for the classification of BSE isolates.
    • All the samples had an identical molecular pattern indicating atypical L Type BSE.
    • In accordance with NRL protocols, samples from the animal were then sent for histopathology and immunohistochemistry on the medulla of the brain.
    • These are further OIE confirmatory testing methods for BSE. Results of these tests are due this week.
    • Final confirmatory test results were received from the NRL on 18th January 2017 confirming the case to be atypical L type BSE.
    • The animal was an Aberdeen Angus female, born on 5 March 1998.
    • The animal was born in a herd in County Cork and it moved early in its life to the herd in Galway where it remained for the rest of its life.
    • The farmer reported that the animal had appeared stiff for 2 weeks prior to death.
    • On 11th January the animal was recumbent but it recovered and it became recumbent again on the morning of January 13th.
    • The decision was taken to euthanize the animal then. The animal remained eating and drinking at all times.
  • Control measures
    • Measures applied
      • Movement control inside the country
      • Official disposal of carcasses, by-products and waste
      • Vaccination permitted (if a vaccine exists)
      • No treatment of affected animals
    • Measures to be applied
      • No other measures
  • Diagnostic test results
    • Laboratory name and type - Central Veterinary Research Laboratory ( National laboratory )
      • Tests and results: Species – Test - Test date – Result
        • Cattle - histopathological examination – Pending
        • Cattle - immunohistochemical test  - Pending
        • Cattle - western blot - 18/01/2017 – Positive
    • Laboratory name and type - Enfer laboratories ( Private Laboratory )
      • Tests and results: Species – Test - Test date – Result
        • Cattle - rapid tests - 14/01/2017 – Positive
  • Future Reporting
    • The event is continuing. Weekly follow-up reports will be submitted.


Keywords: OIE; Updates; Prions; BSE; Cattle; Ireland.