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#Avian #Influenza #H7N9 in #China: Preventing the Next #SARS (@WHO, Apr. 2 ‘17)

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9 Nov 2016

#Taiwan reported first case of a novel #strain of #bat #lyssavirus, devised response (CDC, Nov. 9 2016)


Title: Taiwan reported first case of a novel strain of bat lyssavirus, devised response.

Subject: Bat Lyssavirus, novel strain.

Source: Taipei Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, full page: (LINK). Article in Chinese, edited.

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In response to the detection of suspected domestic case of novel bat Lyssavirus, UNDCP adjusts "rabies immunoglobulin" vaccination


Disease Control Department, said people recently picked up a bat and forwards Council of Agriculture, the test of the new suspected infection bat Lyssavirus.

In response to the first ever detected from bats suspected Lyssavirus, to safeguard the health and safety of people, disease UNDCP complete revision "of suspected rabies virus or infected animals caught bite Lyssa clinical management guidelines," adjust "rabies immunoglobulin" inoculation applicable objects, such as people being accidentally caught bat bites may be applied in addition to physician assessment fight rabies vaccine, the proposed rabies immunoglobulin.

The new Lyssavirus was picked up a suspected positive bat populations are currently no signs of infection, health units has helped to assess vaccination referrals for medical treatment, a total of 5 Ming contacts, respectively in . 11 Yue . 7 days . 11 Yue . 9 , 1999 (scheduled) performed vaccination.

In addition, because the people in this department this year . 7 Yue picked up the bat, disease UNDCP recommendation this year . 7 Yue 1 date, had been subjected to grip the bat bite, wound or mucous membrane had contact with their saliva and other secretions, and not vaccinated against rabies the people of the vaccine, to be "human rabies vaccination services in hospitals (clinics)" medical treatment, evaluated by a physician, if needed - administration of rabies vaccine and immune globulin.

Lyssavirus - There are 14 genotypes can be divided into three major gene phylogenetic group (Phylogroup I , Phylogroup II and Phylogroup III ), rabies virus rabies Virus ( RABV ) belong to the first category 1 genotype Lyssavirus, according to the administration Committee on agriculture hospital test results, the cases of bat Lyssavirus genotype, and rabies virus gene phylogenetic group of the same class ( Phylogroup I), but not belong to the rabies virus, suspected Lyssa is a new virus.

According to international literature study, or Lyssavirus for suspected rabies virus after exposure vaccination, can be applied to fight rabies vaccine and rabies immune globulin to neutralize the virus wound infiltration, the first group of genes Genetic Lyssavirus, with cross-protection effect.

In response to detection of the first case of bat Lyssavirus infection, illness UNDCP complete revision "of suspected rabies virus or infected animals caught bite Lyssa clinical management guidelines," added bitten by bat catch as "rabies immunoglobulin" vaccination Applicable .

As people were ferret badger, ferret heart, Moles (limited Taitung), bats or significant special abnormal behavior (such as unprovoked active attack ... etc.) and by the central agricultural authorities determined or animal suspected of rabies virus caught Lyssa bites , depending on the wound exposed classification, can be recommended for rabies immunoglobulin. In addition, people suffering from wild mammals (including money rats, bats, etc.) or stray dogs, cat scratch bites, the proposed time-dependent process (for the first day of the first dose vaccination 0 days, the second 3 , 7 , 14 , 28 days) inoculation 5 Ji rabies vaccine.

CDC reminded, do not touch the people and capture wild animals (including bats), every year should bring home dogs, cats and other pets - administration of rabies vaccine, if they were wild animals or stray cat scratch bites, with soap and plenty of water please cleaning the wound 15 minutes, then betadine or 70% alcohol after disinfection, as soon as possible to the "human rabies vaccination services in hospitals (clinics)" medical treatment, evaluated by a physician for appropriate medical treatment in order to reduce risk and ensure life safety. Information, please refer to the disease UNDCP WWW ( ) or call toll-free vaccination Line 1922 (or 0800-001922 ) contact.


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