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16 Sep 2016

#European Region: #WestNile Virus #Situation #update, 16 September 2016 (@ECDC_EU, summary)


Title: #European Region: #WestNile #Situation #update, 16 September 2016.

Subject: West Nile Virus, weekly ECDC activity surveillance report.

Source: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), full page: (LINK).

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West Nile Virus Situation update, 16 September 2016


As of 15 September 2016, a total of 111 cases of West Nile fever (WNF) in humans have been reported among EU Member States and 181 cases in the neighbouring countries, since the beginning of the 2016 transmission season.

This week, 38 new cases have been reported, two in the EU Member States and 36 cases in the neighbouring countries.

During the past week, Austria reported a new case whose place of infection is still under investigation.

Spain has reported a new confirmed case in the already affected province of Sevilla.

In the neighbouring countries, Israel reported four new cases, all in already affected areas (Haifa 2, Northern district 1 and Southern district 1).

Russia reported 26 confirmed cases, two in the newly affected Krasnodarskiy Kray and 24 in already affected oblasts (Astrakhan 6, Rostov 1, Samara 1, Saratov 13, Volgograd 2 and Voronezh 1).

Serbia reported five new confirmed cases, four in the newly affected districts of South-backa (3) and Srem, and one in the already affected South-banat district.

Ukraine has reported its first case of WNF for 2016 transmission season, a probable case whose place of infection is the region of Cherkas’ka.


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