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15 Sep 2013

Saudi Arabia, advisory infectious diseases: colds and bronchitis most common diseases among students (MoH, September 15 2013, edited)

[Source: Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health, full page in Arabic: (LINK). Automatic translation.]

Advisory infectious diseases: colds and bronchitis most common diseases among students

(September 15 2013)

Was considered by Dr. Nasreen Sherbini advisory infectious diseases and viruses that "the most common infectious diseases among school students are colds or the common bronchitis, tonsillitis, gastroenteritis accompanied by diarrhea and colic with a high temperature, with or without height." came to coincide with the start of the school year New, where the Information Center of Information and health education at the Ministry of Health within the program Awareness (my health .. my school) to host Dr. Nasreen Sherbini advisory infectious diseases and viruses and via free phone 8,002,494,444 and the Ministry of Health on Twitter @ saudimoh to answer questions from callers about the most infectious diseases that spread among the students, and to talk on how to prevent colds intestinal when school students and other infectious diseases.

Highlighted the general tips for parents and children to avoid these diseases indicated Sherbini need to "maintain personal hygiene and do not use for other special … teeth or comb .. etc, wash your hands thoroughly soap and water or Palmakm private hands, to maintain etiquette sneezing or Assal (using tissues when sneezing or coughing or cover the face), and not touching your eyes if contaminated hand spray sneezing, but after washing.

The flu vaccination annual children above the age of 6 months, in addition to vaccinations Scheduled.

Good nutrition integrated (protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits because they contain vitamins and minerals essential for the prevention of diseases also working to raise the immunity), and not eating foods exposed and careful to wash fruits and vegetables before eating.

The fact that the novel coronavirus is causing panic in Some do not, especially with the start of the new school year and near the pilgrimage season said Dr. Nasreen Sherbini "coronavirus transmitted via droplets infected person resulting from sneezing or coughing, so you should avoid close contact with people infected or suspected hit by it, or wear mask your condom if necessary to visit them , and so far there is no vaccine or special treatment.

Scientifically against the virus because it is a modern origin, and depends treating a patient primarily on treating the symptoms and complications resulting from infection with this virus and my advice to the people that do not listen to rumors that abound these days for a coronavirus because the panic caused Unfortunately for amplify things, causing fear and panic is not justified, and to take information from a reliable source by any doctors specialists in this field only. " stressed Dr El-Sherbini "the need to rush to the nearest medical center or hospital when symptoms suspected to parents or children, such as a rise in temperature 38 or higher with a cough or shortness of breath to diagnose the situation quickly and start the necessary treatment by clinical diagnosis or laboratory. "

Reassured Dr. Nasreen Sherbini advisory infectious diseases and sanctuaries that "thank God so far the cases Koruna that hit people with immunity good and do not have chronic diseases such as diabetes, kidney failure, high blood pressure and other have been cured them completely, and that most of the deaths were in the elderly and have chronic diseases, and that the cases in children and school students until the present time very few, and most of them have been cured Bhamdallah, which reassures parents and relieves Halam the likelihood of injuring their sons and daughters with Coronavirus in the schools, knowing that it contained but the injury may be mild and transient in most cases do not develop into pneumonia severe as it gets with the elderly and those with chronic diseases. "

On the other hand confirmed the director of the Center Information Media and Health Awareness Ministry of Health Pharmaceutical hope girl rolling Abuljadayel that "the task of the school administration about the means of health and safety responsibility very large it must make every effort to achieve them to maintain the safety of our students." has been advised Abuljadayel stressing that "before embarking on the rescue operation, the medic asked Help urgent medical evacuation of wounded from the place of danger, and start ambulance cases, the most dangerous stopover breathing or bleeding, and not to move the injured from the position if there is a possibility of fractures in the spine or ribs, except in the case remove him from the danger was placed on a stretcher, and it should be.

There are a teacher or mentor students mm in all methods of first aid and holds training courses in this area, also must prepare training courses for teachers and students to do first aid, being careful not to crowd out students and teachers around the patient to allow him to breathe, good ventilation, and try to show restraint and not to confusion even does not feel affected the seriousness of his condition, with the need for attention to the maintenance of fire extinguishers in schools on a regular basis in order to be effective, which is the source of fire protection, God willing. " also stressed pharmaceutical hope Abuljadayel the need for attention to the development of pesticides, disinfectants and all the toiletries out of reach students, and the development of appropriate numbers of students in each class and be careful not to scramble and scramble at the entry and exit, and knowledge of students who suffer from chronic diseases and knowledge of a way to deal with them, with the need to provide a fire alarm and the presence of evacuation plan fast for the school and the training of teachers and students in the case of disasters are not allowed God, you must use the stairs related abroad directly in case of accidents, and keep a record of all injuries, accidents and Allowaqaúa serious (date, time, place of the accident occurred, the name and age of the injured ... etc), as it should for all school staff to take appropriate precautions to avoid infection and must be hygiene routines, and the safe disposal of medical waste, blood and other body fluids in cases of injuries. "