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21 Jul 2013

H7N9, China: 1st Hebei confirmed case announced (Taipei CDC, July 21 2013, edited)

[Source: Taipei Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, full page in Chinese: (LINK). Automatic translation.]

H7N9, China: 1st Hebei confirmed case announced

Mainland China Hebei add one case H7N9 influenza cases, has suggested raising the mainland Hebei Tourism epidemic for the second stage: Warning (Alert). Command Center continued to strengthen airport and port quarantine, urged people to pay attention abroad prevention, and calls upon physicians to be vigilant (2013-07-21)

Command Center said the World Health Organization this morning received a notification, Hebei Province in China on the 20th of this month reported the first case of H7N9 confirmed cases of influenza . China Hebei Tourism epidemic has been promoted to the second stage proposal: Warning (Alert), remaining provinces (excluding Hong Kong and Macao) remains the first level: Note (Watch), reminding people plan to maintain good health habits to avoid contact with birds.

Cases were living in Langfang City, Hebei Province 61 -year-old woman, on July 10 cough, fever and other symptoms, medical procedures due to disease progression, July 18 referrals to the Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, and is currently in critical condition in the hospital for active treatment medium. After preliminary investigation, the case go to Beijing for medical treatment before, never leave the place of residence, on 6/30-7/9 daily to the neighborhood of live poultry stalls within the markets to buy food, currently nine patient’s close contacts have not abnormal symptoms. Mainland China has accumulated a total of 133 confirmed cases, including 43 cases of death, mortality rate of about 32%.

Domestic H7N9 influenza surveillance, since 4 months 3 days so far, " H7N9 flu "reported cases of [suspected] 435 cases, including one confirmed cases, 434 cases excluded from H7N9 infection (including 55 cases were found to H1N1 , 39 cases were found to H3N2 , 6 cases of prosecution the B -type) ; border quarantine since six months a date date, returning from epidemic areas of visitors have symptoms at entry 423 cases, including two cases should evacuation.

Command Center pointed out that this is the Chinese mainland since the end of May, after , again reported the first example of H7N9 influenza confirmed cases, display H7N9 influenza virus persistence environment, H7N9 flu threat has not been lifted, should remain vigilant. In addition to continuing to strengthen national implementation and monitoring of mainland China's quarantine act within 14 days for a fever and had to travel in China, especially those with a history of exposure to poultry, quarantine officers will be sent to hospital for help after treatment. Also today, the medical community will also be re-issued a circular to remind physicians that meet the definition of a patient reported H7N9 flu, health authorities should be notified promptly, and to strengthen the hospital's infection control measures. In addition, the COA has continued to strengthen monitoring of domestic birds, and the other for the May announcement of traditional markets and ban live poultry slaughter ban trafficking policy, the command center will also continue to supervise inspection.

Command center to remind people, travel to mainland China, should avoid contact with poultry category, in particular not to pick up dead birds; edible chickens, ducks, geese (including eggs) should pay attention to is completely cooked; and personal hygiene such as washing hands should implement measures to avoid infection. When returning as fever or flu-like symptoms, they should inform the airline personnel and airport and port quarantine officers; After returning as the above symptoms, you should wear a mask doctor immediately and tell your doctor travel history, lodged by physicians to provide appropriate medical services.

Recent outbreaks of infectious diseases and other tourism-related information can refer to the CDC website ( the "H7N9 flu zone" and the "International Travel Information" area, or call toll-free public Disease Reporting and Care Line 1922 contact, such as phone can not make simple code phone number, please dial 0800-001922 prevention hotline.