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#Update: Increase in #Human #Infections with #Avian #Influenza #H7N9 Viruses During the 5th #Epidemic — #China, Oct. ‘16–Aug. 7 ‘17 (@CDCgov, edited)

Title : #Update: Increase in #Human #Infections with #Avian #Influenza #H7N9 Viruses During the 5th #Epidemic — #China, Oct. ‘16–Aug. 7 ‘17....

26 Mar 2013

Novel Coronavirus (NCoV) Patient from UAE died (City of Munich, March 26 2013, edited)

[Source: City of Munich, Germany, full PDF document in German: (LINK). Warning automatic translation. Edited.]

Coronavirus: Infected patient died tonight


The 73-year-old male from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), infected with the novel coronavirus Beta (HCoV-EMC), hospitalized in the Schwabing Clinic, died last night because of his serious illness.

The patient suffered by a septic shock and severe underlying medical conditions.

"Because of the already far advanced infection with HCoV-EMC and septic disease the prognosis for the patient, unfortunately, very unfavorable, so that the patient care despite maximum intensive care could not be saved, "lamented Professor Clemens Wendtner, Chief of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Schwabing Hospital, the tragic course of this patient.

The body of the patient shall be transferred promptly to his homeland. This is done in close Coordination with the Robert Koch Institute and the Department of Health and Environment (RGU).

Contact persons and relatives of the patients are still under medical surveillance by the hospital and the RGU.