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17 Nov 2012

Research Articles Abstracts–November 17 2012 Issue

[Source: AMEDEO, homepage: (LINK).]

Research Articles Abstracts–November 17 2012 Issue


This week’s abstracts:

  1. Alby K, Popowitch EB, Miller MB.
    • Comparative evaluation of the Nanosphere Verigene RV+ Assay with the Simplexa Flu A/B & RSV Kit for the detection of influenza and respiratory syncytial viruses.
  2. Hillaire ML, Vogelzang-van Trierum SE, Kreijtz JH, de Mutsert G, et al.
    • Human T cells directed to seasonal influenza A virus cross-react with A(H1N1)pdm09 and swine origin triple reassortant H3N2 influenza viruses.
  3. Nayak JL, Fitzgerald TF, Richards KA, Yang H, et al.
    • CD4 T-cell expansion predicts neutralizing antibody responses to monovalent inactivated pandemic H1N1 influenza vaccine.
  4. Wu NC, Young AP, Dandekar S, Wijersuriya H, et al.
    • Systematic identification of H274Y compensatory mutations in influenza A virus neuraminidase by high-throughput screening.
  5. Cline TD, Karlsson EA, Seufzer BJ, Schultz-Cherry S, et al.
    • The Hemagglutinin Protein of Highly Pathogenic H5N1 Influenza Viruses Overcomes an Early Block in the Replication Cycle to Promote Productive Replication in Macrophages.
  6. Matzinger SR, Carroll TD, C Dutra J, Ma ZM, et al.
    • Myxovirus resistance gene A (MxA) expression suppresses Influenza A virus replication in Interferon-alpha stimulated primate cells.
  7. Partridge J, Kieny MP.
    • Global production capacity of seasonal influenza vaccine in 2011.
  8. Drees M, Tambourelli B, Denstman A, Zhang W, et al.
    • Sustained high influenza vaccination rates and decreased safety concerns among pregnant women during the 2010-2011 influenza season.
  9. Chang YC, Huang N, Chen LS, Hsu SW, et al.
    • Factors affecting repeated influenza vaccination among older people in Taiwan.
  10. Hernandez-Garcia I, Dominguez B, Gonzalez R.
    • Influenza vaccination rates and determinants among Spanish medical students.
  11. Diazgranados CA, Denis M, Plotkin S.
    • Seasonal influenza vaccine efficacy and its determinants in children and non-elderly adults: A systematic review with meta-analyses of controlled trials.