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12 Feb 2011

Indonesia, Rainy Season, H5N1 Threat (Jambi Express Online, Feb 12 2011, edited)

[Source: Jambi Ekspress, full text in Bahasa Indonesia language, Rainy Season, H5N1 Threat | Jambi Express Online. Automatic translation performed by Google Language Tool. Edited.]

Saturday, February 12, 2011 10:51

Rainy Season, Threat of H5N1

Requested Community Alert

KUALATUNGKAL - The rain that hit some areas of the District of West Tanjab few days back, making various kinds of seeds disease began to spread.

One is the virus H5N1, aka bird flu.

Even in some areas of the province of Jambi, the case of chickens died suddenly began to be found.

To that end, West Tanjab Health Department, asked the public to be vigilant, to the onset of symptoms of bird flu (H5N1) is deadly.

"We ask that people stay alert, especially on the symptoms caused by the H5N1 virus," said West Tanjab Chief Medical Officer, Dr Rustam, through the Head of P2PL, Dwikora Laksono, yesterday (02/11).

According Dwikora, his anticipatory action against a contagious bird flu disease in humans, with proper handling methods.

"Search for suspect with ILI (Influenza Like Illnes), if there are symptoms of high fever, difficulty breathing, with no history of asthma. And sucpect known to reside in the arena who are at risk, such as where he lived not far from the farm chickens or ducks. Suspect expected to get immediate medical treatment or health workers nearby, "he said.

To avoid delays in treatment, for suspected symptoms of H5N1 virus to humans, also named suspect should immediately get medical help, and intensive care in hospital.

"So to avoid further risk," he said.

Meanwhile, until yesterday, said Dwikora, it has not received reports of suspected bird flu in the region.

But a few days ago, he added, there is public concern over the findings of a dead chicken at times, in the village of River Saren.

But local residents directly destroy the chicken carcasses, according to the instructions handling chickens die suddenly, with symptoms that are suspected of suffering from H5N1.

"There was no suspect , but the chicken that died was no time in identifying whether there are symptoms of H5N1, for local residents immediately destroy the chicken carcasses by burning, "he concluded.

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