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#Assessment of #risk associated with #influenza A(#H5N8) virus, 17 November 2016 (@WHO)

  Title : #Assessment of #risk associated with #influenza A(#H5N8) virus, 17 November 2016. Subject : Avian Influenza, H5N8 subtype, multi...

28 Nov 2016

#USA reported one new case of #human #infection with #swine #influenza virus #H1N2v (@CDCgov, Nov. 28 ‘16)


Title: #USA reported one new case of #human #infection with #swine #influenza virus #H1N2v.

Subject: Swine Influenza, H1N2v subtype, human case in the US.

Source: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), full page: (LINK). Extract, edited.

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USA reported one new case of human infection with swine influenza virus H1N2v


Novel Influenza A Virus:

One human infection with a novel influenza A virus was reported by the state of Iowa. The person was infected with an influenza A (H1N2) variant (H1N2v) virus.

The patient was not hospitalized, and has fully recovered from their illness.

No human-to-human transmission has been identified and the case reported close contact with swine in the week prior to illness onset.

Early identification and investigation of human infections with novel influenza A viruses are critical so that the risk of infection can be more fully appreciated and appropriate public health measures can be taken.

Additional information on influenza in swine, variant influenza infection in humans, and strategies to interact safely with swine can be found at



Keywords: US CDC; USA; Iowa; Swine Influenza; H1N2; Updates; Human.