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#Avian #Influenza #H7N9 in #China: Preventing the Next #SARS (@WHO, Apr. 2 ‘17)

  Title : #Avian #Influenza #H7N9 in #China: Preventing the Next #SARS. Subject : Avian Influenza, H7N9 subtype (Asian Lineage), poultry e...

27 Oct 2016

#India, #Avian #Influenza #H5N8: #Surveillance #report (Govt., Oct. 27 ‘16)


Title: #India, #Avian #Influenza #H5N8: #Surveillance #report.

Subject: Avian Influenza, H5N8 subtype, epizootics in poultry and wild birds, India.

Source: Government of India, Press Information Bureau, full page: (LINK). Automatically translated, edited.

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Monitoring Committee of the Ministry of Environment presented the report on avian influenza


To keep close tabs on the outbreak of avian influenza Environment, Forests and Climate Change, set up by the monitoring committee to prevent the spread of avian influenza and reviewed the status of the controls.


  • Status of mortality within 24 hours
    • National Zoological Park, New Delhi - 01 (Rosy Pelicans, free bird)
    • Deer Park, Hauz Khas, New Delhi – zero
    • Gwalior Zoo – zero


  • Response Actions:
    • Affect the spread of the outbreak of avian influenza in zoos and this would continue in its endeavors to control, which include:
      • {1}. To continue to monitor and any dead birds are being tested regularly at the zoo.
      • {2}. The bio-security measures are being strictly implemented.
      • {3}. The visitors' safety and disease control for the National Zoological Park, Delhi, Gandhi Zoological Park, Gwalior and AN Jha Deer Park, Hauz Khas, Delhi were closed.


RRS / Rajaji, YB –4846 / (Release ID 55830)


Keywords: India; New Delhi; Madhya Pradesh; H5N8; Avian Influenza; Poultry.