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13 Sep 2013

Rough Analysis of MERS-CoV case data to date (epidemic, extract)

[Source: Epidemic, full page: (LINK). Excerpt.]

Rough Analysis of MERS-CoV case data to date

by Andrew Rambaut on Fri, 2013-09-13 15:37


This analysis is done using the case data presented on this page. The same caveats on that page applies - the data is rough, gleaned from various sources both official and not and contains errors and omissions. The conclusions here are conditional on these data and should not be consider anything bit indicative of possible trends.  This page was prompted by some discussion on by Helen Branswell [@HelenBranswell], Ian Mackay [@MackayIM], [@FluTrackers] and others on Twitter. It was also motivated by two, widely made, observations.