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17 May 2013

China's H7N9 outbreak slows but experts remain wary (The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, extract, edited)

[Source: The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, full text: (LINK). Extract, edited.]

The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, Early Online Publication, 17 May 2013


China's H7N9 outbreak slows but experts remain wary

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Ted Alcorn

The novel strain of H7N9 avian influenza that appeared in China in February, 2013, is waning nearly as rapidly as it had emerged. The upward march of new cases—which climbed by more than 120 during April—slowed to a crawl in May, with just five reported as of May 14. After 3 weeks with no new cases in Shanghai, officials declared an end to the emergency response they activated on April 2, although hospitals will continue to monitor influenza-like illnesses and live poultry markets remain shuttered.