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21 Sep 2011

Indonesia, Sumatra: FAO provides Riau with 11 Computer to Monitors Bird Flu (Riau Terkini, September 21 2011, edited)

[Source: Riau Terkini, full text: (LINK). Automatic translation from Bahasa Indonesia to English, edited.]

Wednesday, September 21, 2011 15:58

FAO provides Riau with 11 Computer to Monitors Bird Flu

To further minimize the impact and spread of the virus aviant influenza (bird flu), the Food Agriculture Organization (FAO, helping complete the computer 11 to monitor the bird flu virus.

Riauterkini-PEKANBARU -Head of Department of Livestock Riau, Asykardya Patrianov through Kasi TU Central Veterinary Laboratory and Veterinary clinics Ali Saukhan Wednesday (09.21.11) says that in order to minimize the spread and development of the bird flu virus, especially in Riau, one of the world organization, the Food Agriculture Organization (FAO), the agency Agency of the United Nations (UN) to provide assistance to the Riau provincial government.

He said, assistance from FAO in the form of 11 computers used to tackle bird flu. The computer is a CPU, display screen, printer to the modem to access information from the world internet.

"To the eleven units of computers has been distributed to 11 agencies farms in all districts / cities in Riau. In addition to distributed, Juha given training in the use of computers can directly access information on the handling of bird flu virus and the efforts mencegahannya," explained.

Mentioned about the amount of aid while only 11 districts / cities in Riau, there were 12 districts / cities, Ali said that the number of computer devices only support 11 due to time filing, the district town of just 11. At that time he has not the creation. So the number of districts / town only 11 .***( H-we)